Thank you for your testimonials. Your feedback is a great way to share with others who have yet to experience the wonderful benefits acupuncture can bring to their lives.  It is truly an honor and my purpose to serve people on their path to health and wellness.  
            With gratitude ~ Nievé 

Pregnancy related insomnia 
My experience with Nievé's acupuncture exceeded my expectations. Her use of needles was extremely gentle, and the results were powerful. She helped me during a difficult time in my pregnancy and, from body pain to insomnia and anxiety, her treatments addressed a numbers of issues at the same time. Even after just one treatment I felt a world of difference in my body and emotional state. I'm quite picky when it comes to choosing an acupuncturist, and I can say with confidence that I highly recommend Nievé's work. ~ N. B. Middlebury, VT. 

Vertigo & tinnitus
Several months ago I had a bout of vertigo.  After a discussion with my naturopath I decided to try acupuncture before heading off to an ENT.  I am not a fan of traditional western medicine and thought being poked with needles was a lesser evil than being prescribed drugs.   I found Nieve on the internet as I was looking for a local practitioner. I was skeptical my first session, not knowing what to expect and not understanding the procedure even though I had done a fair amount of research into acupuncture.  Nieve was very patient and answered all my questions during our initial consultation and she worked hard to understand all I hoped to accomplish with the sessions.  I learned early on that acupuncture is good for ‘what ails you’ both physically and mentally.   After the first session my vertigo didn’t return.  She also had discovered that my back and neck muscles were very tight and she spent part of that session and the next few sessions working on those.  I never knew how bad they were until she relaxed them and they were back to where they should have been all along.  It’s funny how we accept feeling sub-par as being normal.    Besides resolving the vertigo and loosening the back and neck muscles she has also reduced my almost constant tinnitus to just an occasional appearance, has resolved digestive issues and has helped with headaches, kidney issues and foot/leg pain. I can’t find the words to say how grateful I am to have found Nieve.  Her compassion, warmth and gentle confidence that all can be corrected has helped me so much – I have told many people that everyone needs to see an acupuncturist, and, for me, Nieve is the person I will continue to see.  I have to say she is nothing short of amazing.   ~S.M.  Middlebury, VT

Chronic Illness
I found that Nieve was knowledgeable, thorough and sharp regarding her understanding of my body. Her office became the one place in my week that I relaxed and healed. Shortly after we met, I became very ill for 9 weeks. Each week, Nieve helped me build my strength through acupuncture, continuous encouragement, the right supplements, and diet. When she was worried, she encouraged me to get a check up with my doctor. I've learned to trust Nieve and her work. I am much better and I am sure it would have been a much longer road to recovery... ~ M.D., Midwife Middlebury, VT

Chronic Fatigue & Stress 
Nieve's treatments are more than just her wonderful acupuncture, she takes in the whole person, advises on everything from nutrition to stress management, is happy to answer any questions fully and makes you feel truly nurtured. I would recommend her wholeheartedly. We are so sorry to lose her to Vermont! Lucky you! ~ S.M. NY, NY

Back Pain & Anxiety 
I received acupuncture treatments from Nievé as part of a therapy program. This was my first exposure to acupuncture, and it was awesome. Nievé has a lovely, calm healing energy about her. She was very kind and considerate to everyone there.  The acupunture treatment was amazing. I could literally feel the energy flowing more freely throughout my body. I also felt how emotions surfaced and got the chance to be processed in the body. My backaches and stiffness were gone too.~ Irina Adam,   Herbalist, NY, NY

Amenorrhea & Infertility
I first started seeing Nievé at an extremely stressful time in my life when everything-- especially my menstrual cycles-- were abnormal and doctors were constantly recommending all kinds of medication. I had been seeing another acupuncturist at the time, with little to no results. Nievé asked me to give her 3 months to help me turn things around-- which she accomplished in less than 2! Since that time, I have seen Nievé every week and she has completely changed my health, and my attitude towards my health, for the better. My husband and I got pregnant within 6 months of my starting treatments with Nievé, when I had been previously told by a doctor that it was likely I would need the help of drugs and artificial means to conceive. In addition to Nievé's amazing talent as an acupuncturist, she is a wonderful, caring person who will put you at ease and will be with you throughout your healing process every step of the way-- physically and emotionally. It goes without saying that I am looking forward to our next appointment! ~ U.S. NY, NY [U.S. delivered a health baby boy June 2012] 

Chronic Pain for 20 years
"If you are searching for an extremely knowledgeable, talented, creative, solutions-oriented health and wellness professional – oh yeah and a genuinely nice, caring person as well – then you should sprint or limp over to see Nievé Shere immediately.  She’s simply the best listener and caregiver I’ve encountered.  She’s got a fresh, inventive approach to acupuncture that blends proven traditional techniques with modern technologies to achieve superior health outcomes.  Give it a try…you won’t regret it." ~David Curran, Executive NY, NY

Haital Hernia/GERD for over a year
“I was skeptical about going to an acupuncturist or any alternative professional for that matter. It was only when my hiatal hernia and acid reflux started taking over my life I realized I needed help from where ever I could get it.  I saw 10 doctors who all said the same thing. For over a year I experienced constant acid reflux, regurgitation, vomiting, and  stomach pain.   I found Nieve through a co-worker.  My co-worker said Nieve had worked miracles for her and was sure she could do the same for me.  Nieve discussed my diet in detail, kept a chart of everything and anything that may cause me harm or bring about my reflux.  It took two months of acupuncture and a modified diet, and my acid reflux and symptoms of hiatal hernia were gone.  It sounds crazy but it's true.  I never felt so nurtured and safe.  Nieve's nature is kind and warm, and her goodness radiates from inside.  I was at my wits end and she brought me back to life.  I will always be eternally grateful.” ~N.S.,  Producer NY, NY

Neck pain & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 10 years 
Seeing Nieve Shere was my first time ever going to an acupuncturist, and I felt completely at ease right away. She was kind, patient, and took time to explain how everything worked and how things should feel.  What brought me to see Nieve was when I woke up with terrible pain in my neck that just didn’t get better with time. When I couldn’t turn my head anymore or sit for very long at the computer, my husband suggested I go see Nieve. After one session with her, the pain was gone. I literally could not believe it. The pain was gone and I had full range of motion in my head, neck and shoulders. ....she cleared it up completely – its been six months from that event and the pain never came back. After she took care of my acute pain, she began treating my CFS which I have had for over 10 years now, and is really the ‘big’ problem in my life....after my sessions with her my digestion improved remarkably and I just have that feeling of being stronger and more robust. She also gave me advice on some simple things I could do to increase my energy and improve my health.  Needless to say, I am impressed with her abilities, humbled by her compassion, and grateful I was lucky enough to meet her in a city of millions. She is the acupuncturist I will continue to go see.   ~Lauren DeRosa, Artist NY, NY

Chronic Pain/PTSD
I thank Nieve for all that she has given me. There is hope. I don’t know what I would have done without acupuncture. The pain from the arthritis is tolerable. To be able to sleep without Ambien is a plus. For me it’s a miracle. ~
A.D.K.  Bronx, NY

Nieve is simply amazing at what she does. Before I met Nieve, I had been told that I had close to zero percent chance of getting pregnant, even with fertility drugs, and that I should move on to egg donation or adoption. After only six weeks of Nieve's treatments, I conceived naturally. I continued to see Nieve throughout my pregnancy, and went on to have a great pregnancy and labor, and a healthy baby girl. Nieve is a powerful, generous, and gentle healer! She is also a fabulous doula :) ~ S.T.,  Vermont 

Nieve has been an angel to me and has brought me to another place in my life that I thought I would never have the freedom of being pain free. ~ Deb Tier, Vermont




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