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Vermont S.199 bill

by Nieve Shere, L.Ac.

The S.199 bill of Vermont mandates childhood vaccinations by abolishing the parents' right to philosophical exemption. Vaccinations are a controversy issue for many and most parents want the choice in whether to vaccinate at all, when and which vaccinations to administer, etc. The good news is the senate has opened this bill again to the public for additional expert testimony. Those opposed to S.199 bill have another chance to be heard. Below you will find information on how from the Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice. Check out NVIC as well for national vaccination  updates. 

The information below is from the Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice ( and replies to this email will go to

"Hi all,

Many of you have asked for more clarification on what is next on S199... following see the draft agenda of the House HC Committee for next week. This agenda is subject to change and so please check this link regularly and click on "current agenda" for updates.

The process:

Basically, the house healthcare committee that heard our voices on Wed. night has decided to take up the bill. They will hear invited "expert" testimony all of next week, then discuss, and then they MAY vote (or the bill dies... our greatest hope!). If the committee is "split", this will create at least some more discussion on the floor of the full house (called a second reading after a committee votes), and might even get the bill dropped or to another committee. If not - and if many vote for or against the bill - then the remaining reps in the House will probably vote based on Committee vote at that time. There are 11 on the committee, so what we are aiming for is 5-6 at least (a total defeat is of course a goal). But we cannot forget that the Senate dealt a crushing blow with their largely rushed and uninformed 25-4 vote for the bill.

VT Coalition for Vaccine Choice Status:

We have done a great job in getting to the point where many are "on the fence". BUT, we need a lot more Grassroots lobbying efforts and that begins with each and every one of you. Please, if you can find the time to speak with your rep in person or by phone this weekend (see below), to explain why this bill makes no sense, it is of the utmost importance. Democrats seem most especially leaning toward the flawed concept of the "greater good" versus parental rights.

Key messages:

VT has vax rates above CDC targets, for the required vaccinations, except chicken pox.

VT was ranked #1 healthiest state two years in a row; in this report immunization rate = 91.2%.

As evidenced by Wednesdays public hearing, parents are extremely well-informed and are being thoughtful about which vaccines or doses to opt out of when exercising the philosophical objection.

Changing the Phil Ex law won't even boost the rate the Dept. of Health is citing because those vaccines are not required.

Deliver Petition in person- March 28th 11am:

All petiton signers - come to the statehouse Wednesday to deliver this petition to the house of representatives (Cedar Creek room, 11 am). More details coming soon - but please RSVP to We are more likely to get press coverage if there is a good turnout expected. This can also be a great opportunity to talk to your own representative(s) in person. If possible, make an appointment now to talk with them over the lunch hour on March 28th. To find your rep, see link below.

Getting the word out:

Most reps still have not viewed the Greater Good, which is a balanced film on the politics of the vaccine issue... but they have watched the "PBS FRONTLINE" video last Sunday night and also it was circulated online. As we heard Dr. Green say in the Greater Good film, the PBS folks took 1/2 day of interview with him and did the same from several other well respected researchers and doctors but NEVER included any of it on Frontline.

Watch and share the Greater Good Film now.



FOR GENERAL PUBLIC (may get shut off today)


Daily Call-ins:

Beginning this Sunday night, and every night after that, we will hold an open conference call from 8:30-9:30 pm to provide updates on S199 for members of the VT Coalition for Vaccine Choice. This will be a good opportunity to exchange ideas and information and strategize with one another. Let me know ( if you would like to be placed on the call-in list.

Note that next week's testimony is public, and all are encouraged to attend so we may see and hear what the Committee Members are being told. We may want to consider another rally, too.

Reach out! This bill includes college students, too

Anyone in any school including post-secondary schools in VT is impacted by S199. And this bill proposes precedent for further vaccine mandates in the state of Vermont.

College students have not yet awakened to this issue and we need YOUR help in getting there. The more we have on our petition and the more we have speaking out, the better. Write letters to the local paper, engage the press, do whatever you can to continue to speak intelligently and gain traction on this important issue of informed consent for medical procedures. And check the website, facebook and twitter for regular updates, too. Website:

Contact Information and who to call this weekend:

your rep:


Representative Shap Smith, Speaker of the House

(802) 828-2245 or

House Health Care Committee

Mike Fisher of Lincoln, Chair – (802) 453-5517 or

Sarah Copeland-Hanzas of Bradford, Vice Chair – (802) 222-3536

Paul Poirier of Barre City, Ranking Member - (802) 476-7870 or,

Leigh Dakin of Chester, Clerk – (802) 875-3456 or

Jim Eckhardt of Chittenden – (802) 342-0140 or

Patti Komline of Dorset - (802) 867-4232 or

Mary Morrissey of Bennington – (802) 442-2092 or

Chris Pearson of Burlington – (802) 860-3933 or

Kristy Spengler of Colchester – (802) 864-6567 or

Mark Woodward of Johnson – (802) 635-7166 or